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Although technical work is mainly required as an examination outside of university teaching, the requirements for specialist work often approximate the academic standards of universities and technical colleges. Especially for students of practically oriented educational fields, the technical work is often the first work that must meet scientific standards , Pupils and students often face the high requirements only with a little prior knowledge of scientific writing. As a ghostwriter, we are happy to assist and support our customers with a perfectly designed master thesis for the highest level of scientific work.

Our ghostwriting processes for specialist work are based on the standards that we have successfully tested and developed for many years in academic ghostwriting.

In the first step, we advise our customers on possible topics for the specialist work, insofar as no topic was specified by the lecturer for the technical work. On the basis of the topic we work out an expose for the technical work, in order to coordinate all contents of the technical work with the customer. The procedure has proved to be successful so that customers can have the exact template of a specific work written by their ghostwriter that they have requested.

If the expose has been approved for the technical work, we start with the preparation of the technical work. Partial deliveries keep our customers up to date on the current process of ghostwriting.

Before the delivery of the technical work, it undergoes the same stringent quality tests that have proven itself in university work. That The work is edited by a second ghostwriter of the department and subjected to a plagiarism check. This ensures that the work meets all scientific standards before our Ghostwriting Service sends the text to the customer.

When it comes to specialist work, we also apply maximum scientific standards to which we are committed. In order for you to have exactly the master sample write a piece of work that you wish, it is important that you provide us with all the information you need about the work. Of course, our ghostwriters do not ask you any personal questions, just ask for information needed for ghostwriting the paperwork. Of course, your specifications for citation and formatting will also be considered if you tell us.

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